Life at Cranford

Our aim is to enable our residents to enjoy their lives. We respect that a residents preferences can change from day to day, and that he/she is free to choose whatever they want to do.

We offer a wide range of activities and have an experienced activities co-ordinator. Activities include visiting musicians, keep-fit exercise classes, card games, quizzes, arts and crafts, gardening (we have a potting shed, greenhouse and raised beds), and animal care (four hens and two rabbits are part of our family). We also have a resident cat and enjoy visitors bringing in their dogs for everyone’s enjoyment. Children from a local childminder group visit us regularly to play and interact with the residents.

We have a wheelchair accessible care that we use to take residents out on individual/group trips and to take residents to appointments.

We ensure residents have a real say in how we do things. We conduct satisfaction surveys annually and learn from the feedback. We also have regular meetings to obtain suggestions and comments.

We never forget that The Cranford is the resident’s home, and that our role is simply to help them obtain the best possible way of life.

Hotel Services

We are proud of the quality of our ‘hotel services’, by which we mean catering, cleaning, laundry and front of house. We have the benefit of a very knowledgeable and experienced service manager who has worked in the hospitality trade for many years. Our cleaners work tirelessly to ensure the cleanliness of the environment and individual rooms.

All our laundry staff do their very best to ensure that residents personal laundry is cleaned to a high standard. All these staff are training to observe the strict procedures of infection control.

For many years, The Cranford has had an enviable reputation for good food. Our cooks know that for many older people, food is one thing they really look forward to. There is a wide variety of dishes available and monthly menus are prepared in order to provide a balanced diet. Specialist diets are provided to all those who need them or want them. Quite apart from the main meals, snacks are available at all times during the day and night. Our head chef has worked at the prestigious Savoy restaurant in London.

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