About Us

The House

The Cranford is a fine and beautifully proportioned country residence with extensive grounds. It was built in 1929 and occupied by the Singer Sewing Machine family at some stage. It later became a mother and baby nursing home in the 1940’s.

In due course it became a prestigious Nursing Home for the elderly, and the fees were paid in guineas, not pounds. Official inspectors and regulation was carried out by Doctors.

Ever since it has been a care home it has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest homes in East Devon. Most people feel there is something special about The Cranford which makes it a lovely place to live.

The Cranford is well maintained, and there is a high level of equipment available to meet Residents’ assessed needs.

Management & Staff

Carol Bond is the Registered Manager of The Cranford Residential Home. She is a Registered Nurse. Carol is passionate about delivering the best possible service to our residents.

The management team includes Leanne  office manager, Raine finance manager and Kerri hotel services.

Three directors, James, Catharine and Alex, oversee the structure.

We have high levels of qualified staff, ensuring continuity and consistency of care through ongoing supervision and support of staff.

Our staff have brought a vast range of experience to The Cranford. These include NHS, Nursing and care homes, dementia care, domiciliary care, private home care and specialist care experience.

Staff Training

At The Cranford we want all of our staff to reach their full potential. Staff training is a priority and we give every opportunity to each member of staff to develop their knowledge, skills and experience. We recognise that training increases confidence and give carers a sense of pride in their work.

We have developed a role called Associate Senior specifically for carers who wish to progress to a senior role and get more experience and confidence in managing teams of people.

Not only do we cover mandatory training and updates, essential for outstanding care and support.  Staff are also given the opportunity to expand their knowledge with additional training. we have good links with Exeter Collage.

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